Instructional Videos on How To Train Your Own Diabetic / Diabetes / Hypoglycemia / Alert Dog For Type 1 & 2 & LADA

Week 1

Congrats on deciding to train your own Diabetic Alert Dog using Diabetic Alert Dog University’sTM Diabetic Alert Dog 101TM training program. Here is the first of many videos on what to do in Week 1 of training your own diabetic alert dog.

So that you can see the quality of the programming you will be purchasing you can view Week 1’s content for FREE!

Additionally we have listened to your feedback about streaming these very high quality videos and are now placing both small and large format videos on our site so that you can choose which one you would like to view.

In Week 1 you will learn:

  • Our training philosophy
  • The importances of work to eat puzzles in the creation of a diabetic alert dog
  • Diabetic low scent collection


If you are having problems viewing the video, please update your flash player using the following link


Large format Diabetic Alert Dog Training Video


Small format Diabetic Alert Dog Training Video

Here are the links to the work to eat puzzles we recommended in the video.

Kong Extreme Premier Twist and Treat Premier Linkable – Orb Premier Linkable – Elblow Premier Tug A Jug

Additionally, here is the product we recommend you store your blood sugar samples in the video.


Student Questions:

My dog really isnt playing with these work to eat puzzles, how do I get him really into them? Instead of using just your kibble in them, place anywhere between 10 and 20 eraser sized treats in the work to eat puzzles with the kibble. Slowly over the next 2 weeks, reduce the amount of treats you are placing in the puzzles by 5 pieces every couple of days.

Can I “contaminate” the collected samples? Try to keep your scent sources as least contaminated as possible (just drink water during the collection process). In all honesty we do have to admit, this whole idea of contaminating scent samples only goes so far. Remember dogs have 250 million scent receptors and eventually should be able to discern the similarity between all the samples! However we like the idea that in the beginning that your samples have the least amount of scents mixed in them as possible.


To purchase Week 2s video, purchase it using the link below.

Im sorry the online video program is no longer available. My live, in person, Zoom conferencing, online 8 week class is the only option. More info can be found at

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