Instructional Videos on How To Train Your Own Diabetic / Diabetes / Hypoglycemia / Alert Dog For Type 1 & 2 & LADA

Month 1

Congrats on deciding to train your own Diabetic Alert Dog using Diabetic Alert Dog University’sTM Diabetic Alert Dog 101TM training program. Here is the first of many videos on what to do in Week 1 of training your own diabetic alert dog.

So that you can see the quality of the programming you will be purchasing you can view Week 1’s content for FREE!

In Week 1 you will learn:

  • Our training philosophy
  • The importances of work to eat puzzles in the creation of a diabetic alert dog
  • Diabetic low scent collection


In Week 2 you will learn:

  • The importance of using a clicker in your training program
  • How to teach your dog to target your hand
  • How to classically condition the scent
  • How to have a low party
  • How service dog trainers teach their dogs really complicated tasks


In Week 3 you will learn:

  • To teach your dog to use his nose (for your benefit and fun)
  • Add time to your targeting command
  • Additional ways to classically condition the scent
  • Tape targeting
  • The super duper secret of how we create our WORLD FAMOUS Improvisational Diabetic Alert Dogs


In Week 4 you will learn:

  • Target tape on a wall
  • Teach your alert signal
  • The initial scent training rules one must follow
  • Initial scent imprinting
  • Additional ways to teach your dog to Improvise


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