There are 5 Core foundations of the Diabetic Alert Dog 101TM program


1. Stably temperamented dogs.

Dogs need to be free from all signs of aggression and anxiety.

2. Affordable training.

It shouldnt cost you $25,000 to train your own dog for diabetic alert. There has to be a better way. Thats where the Diabetic Alert Dog 101TM program comes in handy.

3. Ensuring that our dogs are happy and are allowed to be dogs.

Some service dog organizations have a 75% drop out rate. Some of these dogs are dropped from the program for being unable to shut down everything that is dog about a dog. We think dogs should be allowed to play with other dogs, that dogs should be allowed to play with a ball or engage in a little telephone pole sniffing every once and a while. What is so wrong with that? We think there has to be a middle ground between robot dogs and ill behaved dogs.

4. Training using strict positive reinforcement methodologies.

Dominance methodology creates a confrontational relationship with your dog. Do you really want to train a dog that is supposed to be saving your life in a confrontational manner? No way! If you wouldnt do it to your two year old, why would you do it to your dog?
What the Diabetic Alert Dog 101TM training methodology creates is a dog that who thinks you are the sun, moon and the stars, a dog that thinks you are the granter of all good things in their life, a dog that not only enjoys his job but is obsessed over it

5. Creation of a THINKING dog

Have you ever had a low blood sugar before? What does it feel like? It seems like the first thing to go is critical thinking skills. What type of dog would you rather have? A dog that you have to tell what to do when you are in a state of brain dysfunction or a dog who assesses the situation a responds to it again and again and again trying to get your attention in many different ways. Thats a thinking dog, a dog who tries to solve the puzzle again and again.

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  • Intensive Diabetic Alert Dog Workshop with head trainer Mary McNeight

    Diabetic Alert Dog University in cooperation with Service Dog Academy will be holding an Intensive Diabetic Alert Dog class in Everett WA from July 31st - August 3rd. These class will combine the Diabetic Alert Dog University foundational videos with the opportunity to train in a classroom environment with founder Mary McNeight. You can find out more about this class and enroll in this unique diabetic alert dog training workshop by going to our Diabetic Alert Dog Class Workshop webpage.
  • Warning – Please Read Prior To Purchasing Videos

    Before enrolling in our program please understand that a diabetic alert dog is not a machine that operates at 100% efficiency and will NOT catch all of your lows and highs. Diabetic Alert Dogs are meant to be another tool to help you manage your diabetes, they are not a be all to end all solution. Diabetic Alert Dogs should be used in combination with the prescribed medical advice of your diabetes specialist. And most importantly a diabetic alert dog is not meant to replace proper adult supervision of anyone with diabetes (including children and adults).