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Diabetic Alert Dog Program and Students Featured on King 5s New Day Northwest

On November 30th Service Dog Academy was featured on New Day Northwest with Margaret Larson where we talked about our Diabetic Alert Dog Classes. We were accompanied by 4 of our service dog students, 2 diabetic alert dogs, 1 narcolepsy alert dog and one hearing alert dog. 2 of the dogs were under 8 months of age and made us VERY proud with their calm demeanors. You can watch the interview by clicking on the photo above. We had one of our diabetic alert dog students go low right as the audience members were walking into the studio which consequently set off all three diabetic alert dogs. Proof positive that our training works!

Citka, our first Improvisational Diabetic Alert Dog Featured in Key Peninsula News

Citka, our first Improvisational Diabetic Alert Dog was recently featured in the Key Peninsula News. The story talks about how Citka has repeatedly saved Judith’s life using his highly training diabetic low sensing nose. Amazingly Citka has also started alerting to Judith’s atrial fibrillation. We are so proud of what Judith has accomplished through our Diabetic Alert Dog 101 training class.

Animal Wellness Magazine Feature on Our Diabetic Alert Dog Program

The Service Dog Academy was recently featured in the latest issue of Animal Wellness Magazine in an article about detection dogs! The article featured one of our past diabetic alert students, Buddy, who saved his owner’s life when his blood sugar crashed and he passed out at work. To Read the entire article please download the following pdf.

CityStream TV Program on the Seattle Channel

Seattle Channel Video can be played in Flash Player 9 and up

In this interview City Stream reporter Roxeanne Vainuku talks with Mary McNeight and one of Service Dog Academy’s clients Jacqueline Glass about the training of her dog Peanut, a diabetic alert dog in training.


Komo Television & APDT Recognition

The Association for Pet Dog Trainers, a nationally recognized group with over 5,000 members worldwide has awarded The Service Dog Academy in the National Train your Dog Month campaign with The Most Creative Community Event! We certainly made a scene in downtown Seattle’s Westlake Park when, to the tune of “Walking The Dog” by Rufus Thomas, 14 handlers and their positively trained dogs simultaneously demonstrated basic skills taught in most dog training classes. The first ever positively trained flash mob (that we know of) managed to win over the APDT and make the news!

Komo Newsradio

Ian Sterling, reporter for Komo Newsradio, became interested in The Service Dog Academy’s Diabetic Alert program and the groundbreaking training programs she offers at her dog training school. Sterling recently caught up with Mary and Liame at the West Seattle Dog Training Studio and Mary had the opportunity to share with the Seattle area her groundbreaking program in diabetic alert, utilizing a dog’s powerful scent receptors to help monitor blood sugar, and her innovative training with a dog to alert and assist with narcolepsy. You can view the transcribed interview on Komo’s West Seattle Community Pet Website or listen to the interview here: Komo NewsRadio Interview with Service Dog Academy’s Diabetic Alert Dog Program

Examiner Articles

In more great news, The Service Dog Academy was recently visited by Examiner reporter Prescott Breeden. He talked with Mary McNeight about the expanding world of service dogs, and diabetic alert training – which is now being offered at the studio! We are so excited to be featured in the Seattle Examiner, and to share our upcoming ventures and training opportunities with the community. Check out the recently published article here.

Zuzu a service dog in training in our west seattle dog training classes. Image copyright Tracy Campion.

Our unique train your own service dog program is making news again! In celebration of National Assistance Dog Week, Tracy Campion a writer for the Examiner decided to write several amazing stories on the uniqueness of our program. Tracy visited our West Seattle service dog training classes and spoke with some of our service dogs in training.

94.1 KMPS’s Good In Your Neighborhood Radio Interview


Screen capture taken from KMPS website.

The Service Dog Academy was recently featured on 94.1 KMPS’s Good In Your Neighborhood Radio Program. In this interview I talk about how the Service Dog Academy came about, who we help and what we plan to do in the future.

Fox National News

foxnewsstoryscreencaptureImage and video © Fox

The Service Dog Academy was recently featured on Fox’s National News Channel. Our head trainer was one of the dog teams shown during the program (see above image) and is the dog trainer Dan Springer is referring to at the end of the story. There was a longer piece that included our head trainer working with a diabetic detection service dog but was cut from the story due to election news. We are excited about this opportunity for media exposure so that we can start helping even more people! If you would like more information about our services please use the above categories to navigate our website and enter your questions into the corresponding pages. If you saw the interview and would like to make comments about it, we have provided a forum for you to do so on this page.

Before you comment please be aware that we are not experts on animals other than DOGS. We are aware that other animals are able to provide life changing services to people with disabilities but like most of the american population are unsure what types of animals should and should not be considered.

West Seattle Blog

The Service Dog Academy is an avid reader of the West Seattle Blog and has had the great fortune of being mentioned on it on numerous occasions. One of their stories covered our How To Train Your Own Diabetic Alert Dog Program and the other featured our Positively Trained Dog Flash Mob. That flashmob went on to win the The Association for Pet Dog Trainers, National Train your Dog Month campaign with The Most Creative Community Event!

Evening Magazine


Image and video © Evening Magazine

You can hear about the first half of our owner Mary McNeight’s story on King 5’s television program Evening Magazine by watching it though this web link or clicking on the image above.

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  • Warning – Please Read Prior To Purchasing Videos

    Before enrolling in our program please understand that a diabetic alert dog is not a machine that operates at 100% efficiency and will NOT catch all of your lows and highs. Diabetic Alert Dogs are meant to be another tool to help you manage your diabetes, they are not a be all to end all solution. Diabetic Alert Dogs should be used in combination with the prescribed medical advice of your diabetes specialist. And most importantly a diabetic alert dog is not meant to replace proper adult supervision of anyone with diabetes (including children and adults).