FAQ – How This Program Works

Frequently Asked Questions


Purchase Related Questions?


  • How much does each video cost?
      • Each video will be $30. However prices are subject to change at any point in time.


  • How many videos are there? How long are they?
      • Since this program is still in development it is unknown at this time. However there should be AT LEAST 24 OR MORE VIDEOS, each broken down by week with each video being between 15 and 20 minutes long.


  • How do I actually BUY your diabetic alert dog training videos?
      • On the bottom of Week 1s video webpage, there is a “Buy It Now” button. Click on that and you will be sent to a page to purchase the videos. Once you purchase the video you will be redirected to a webpage to become a member which will allow you to view the content.


  • If I purchase a video, will I only be able to access it once?
      • No, you will be able to access your purchased video for 2 weeks and view it as many times as you like.


  • I only want to purchase specific videos, can I do that?
      • No. We want you to succeed. Skipping ahead will only lay the foundation for failure.


  • I want to purchase all the videos at once, can I do that?
      • No. We want you to succeed. This program is set up just like an online classroom. You will not be able to purchase the entire program because we want you to actually DO YOUR HOMEWORK! You will NOT succeed in this program if you do not follow all our directions. There are no quick ways to train a quality diabetic alert dog.


    Training Process Questions?


  • Is my dog suitable for this program?
      • If your dog is not food motivated, has an anxiety condition, has health problems, is fearful of other dogs or humans, has a bite history (with any other dogs or humans), have been previously trained using harsh training methods or is Brachycephalic your dog will NOT be suitable for this program.


  • How long is your training program?
      • Since this program is still in development it is unknown at this time exactly how long it will take for you to train your own diabetic alert dog. However you should expect AT LEAST 6 MONTHS OR MORE of intensive daily training in order to achieve a reliable alert dog.


  • If I have questions or need advice, how can I get it?
      • Unfortunately the cost of the videos do not cover individual training advice. If you would like to schedule a time to talk on the phone or have a SKYPE conversation (so we can see you and your dog and you can see us) you will need to purchase time with our trainer. In the future we will be scheduling webinars where you will be allowed to ask your questions. However at this time there are no scheduled webinars for you to attend.


  • How much homework are we talking about?

        You will be REQUIRED to do at least 20 minutes a day of training. If you cannot commit to 20 minutes a day to this program you will not succeed.


  • I want to train my dog to do night alerting.

        Night alerting is NEVER guaranteed. If anyone guarantees a night alerting diabetic alert dog they are lying to you. Dogs sleeping patterns are just as unique as humans. One hard day on the beach playing ball and your dog may not alert to a low blood sugar because they are passed out and fast asleep. Just like humans, young dogs sleep deep, so we can never guarantee night alerting abilities for our students.


    Public Access Questions (vests, patches, certification, etc)?


  • When can I start taking my dog out in public?
      • This program was only designed to address the diabetic alert portion of the training process. If you would like to take your dog out into public that is up to you and is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that your dog will not harm other animals, people or property. Our suggestion is to contact a Karen Pryor Academy Graduate at http://www.karenpryoracademy.com/ for referral to a local POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT ONLY obedience trainer in your area to help you with the public access portion of your training program.


  • Will you “certify” my dog once they have completed the program?
      • If you want to “certify” your dog, you will be required to go through the entire program and either pay for us to come to your location or for you to come to our location in order to demonstrate your dogs alerting ability and pass the Assistance Dogs International Public Access Test.

        BUT… in all honesty, “certification” is not required in order for your dog to be a service dog under federal law. All that is required is that your dog be trained to mitigate the symptoms of your disability.


  • Do you have patches or service dog vests for your students?
      • Currently we are working on creating a logo for our University. Once that is created we will make patches. They will be available for purchase. We do not sell service dog vests, however, they can be purchased from ActiveDogs.


    Questions About Our Company?


  • How do I know you are a legitimate company?
      • Diabetic Alert Dog University is a subsidiary of Service Dog Academy. We are known by all the positive reinforcement dog trainers in the Seattle area as well as some of the very big name positive dog trainers in the country. We arent going to ruin our stellar reputation for $30. Go ahead Google Service Dog Academy and find out how super cool our company is!


  • Who is this Mary McNeight person and why should I choose to train my dog with her program?
      • She is an expert in her field and has had a service dog since 2005. After teaching her train your own diabetic alert dog program in the Seattle area and having to turn down students who were out of her geographical area she decided to develop a completely online program. If you would like to find out more about Mary McNeight and Service Dog Academy please visit our About page.


    Getting An Error Message?


  • My videos keep stopping and starting. Why are they doing this?
      • Amazon Web Services hosts our videos so it is impossible that our systems are causing the errors. What might be causing the problem is a combination of your computer, your internet connection and the way you are viewing the videos. If you view them in full screen format this has a tendency to solve the issue. If that doesnt solve the issue, try viewing the low resolution version in full screen format (which is under the large resolution version on each webpage). If you are still having an issue viewing the videos, try restarting your computer. If that doesn’t work try accessing the videos on a newer computer with a fast internet connection (such as usually available in your work environment or at the public library).


  • I cant view the videos I have paid for. What gives?
      • Youre probably on an ipad or an iphone. Unfortunately at this time, the iPad and iPhone do not allow streaming of secure video.


  • I purchased the video but on the bottom of the webpage it says I will only have 2 weeks to watch this video and it will limit my IP addresses. Why are you doing this?
      • In order to prevent piracy, multiple people sharing the content and/or copying of the content we have to have some limits. We know it sucks, but so does piracy of content we have worked so hard to create.


  • I’m getting an error message saying “This content is for members only” or “Wrong Membership Level”. What do they mean?
      • This program is a subscription based service. Each membership level/weekly episode is purchased individually. If you have not purchased the content you will not have access to it. However, if you are already a member and would like to view the content you have already purchased, you may login to our site using the Diabetic Alert Dog University Login Link.
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    • Warning – Please Read Prior To Purchasing Videos

      Before enrolling in our program please understand that a diabetic alert dog is not a machine that operates at 100% efficiency and will NOT catch all of your lows and highs. Diabetic Alert Dogs are meant to be another tool to help you manage your diabetes, they are not a be all to end all solution. Diabetic Alert Dogs should be used in combination with the prescribed medical advice of your diabetes specialist. And most importantly a diabetic alert dog is not meant to replace proper adult supervision of anyone with diabetes (including children and adults).