We Have The Experience You Need

Our trainer is highly qualified, state certified and experienced. Here are 5 of our Alert Dog students on the TV show New Day Northwest.

For Less Than The Cost Of A Single Emergency Room Visit

Mangage your diabetes with the use of a trained diabetic alert dog.

Start At Any Age

We can help you start training your diabetic alert dog at any age. From 3 week old puppies to 10 year old seniors.

Intensive Diabetic Alert Dog Workshop

Work on training your diabetic alert dog under the direct supervision of Mary McNeight at our Labor Day Workshop.


The diabetic alert dog community has been very uncooperative when it comes to sharing their training methodologies.  Just like you we were tired of having students across the country be unable to find a program that could help them train their own diabetic alert dog.  Thats where Diabetic Alert Dog 101TM comes in.  We have developed an entirely online program that costs less than a single visit to the emergency room that can help you manage your diabetes for the rest of your life.  How you say?  With the aid of the nose of your best friend of course!  So sit down, relax and have some fun training your dog.  We want to help you live your life more independently with the use of a trained diabetic alert dog!